Breast Augmentation (implants)

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thailand breast augmentation
Boost your self-esteem, rejuvenate your figure after pregnancy, or just have that fuller cup-size you’ve always dreamed of.

Breast augmentation provides fuller breasts for women wanting a more voluptuous shape. For breast reconstruction patients an augmentation maybe part of the process in reconstructing the breast(s). There are many different types, shapes and sizes of breast implants available, which can help make your breasts feel and look larger, fuller and firmer.

breast implantsbreast surgery incisionsThe operation involves inserting breast implants behind the breast tissue, either under or over your pectoral muscle. The position of the implant depends on the size, skin quality and shape of your breast, and will give you slightly different results. Breast implants are nearly always made from silicone and filled with cohesive/silicone gel and different implants will give you different results. The usual place of incision is along the natural crease underneath your breast, although it can be made under the armpit, or around the areola, the area around the nipple. The choice is yours. Your doctor will recommend what is best for you

Round implants vs teardrop implants. For most people, a round breast implant of proper dimension and profile to fit their chest and desires works better than a teardrop shaped implant. Teardrop implants have to be textured to prevent rotation in the pocket and this makes them wrinkle more because the skin is stuck to them. As always, the choice is yours but consultation with the doctor is recommended.

Another option you may wish to consider is whether or not you should get smooth or textured implants:

Smooth implants are the most widely used breast implants. They are less likely to ripple, they can freely move in the breast pocket which some women prefer, they tend to last longer and cost less than most textured implants.

Textured Implants are less likely to shift in the breast pocket which is great for some breast implant shapes, they were designed to help prevent capsular contracture. Textured implants are best for certain body shapes and bigger breasts. As with all surgery, a small amount of scarring is expected, but this will be hidden and will fade with time.

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